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Tim Hortons is Canada’s largest fast food service chain and this is what they sell. And I was wondering why the Canadians look healthier.

Before I started working, I’ve always prepared myself that nobody will be available to guide and mentor me once I start working. I believe I even told my course mates to be mentally prepared that way. Every person they spare to coach you, is one person they lose who could be doing work. This can not be further from the reality at Ubisoft Montreal. I lose count of the times, people have come sit down next to me at my workstation. This does not happen just for code reviews but they come to help explain concepts, solve problems and debug errors. Today, someone who is on another project who used to work on the same code came to help me for a good 30 – 45 minutes.

The emphasis on training and peer support really makes it an enjoyable place to work at.

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