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The weather seems to have warmed up a bit. It’s in fact it’s now 20 at night, comfortably cooling. Best kind of weather is when I don’t perspire while cycling but my fingers aren’t chilled numb.

Saw Mont-Royal covered in mist when I was cycling to work yesterday. In fact, I see some pretty amazing sights while cycling. The streets are all lined up north to south, east to west. While going down St-Urbain, I can see the street go as far as my eyes can see, buildings rising on both sides and just the blue sky above with beautiful clouds.

It’s hard to explain how big cycling is a thing here. According to its website, BIXI has 405 bike stations and a fleet of 5050 bikes in service. However, most people have their own bikes. People here don’t cycle for recreation, most of them commute by cycling and there are more than some who take their cycling seriously. I have a colleague who cycles 45 mins from off-island to travel to work.

All kinds of people cycle. People in cycling tights; people in business suits; people in dresses; people in heels; people in boots; people in heeled boots. There are dedicated cycling lanes that service most major routes and even a major cycling track across Canada. I wonder if proper cycling lanes instead of mere park connectors can help ease the traffic situation back in Singapore.


  1. Weiquan

    You need to turn up the view distance dude

  2. It’s too humid to be cycling to work. =/

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