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Finally got my Bixi key yesterday. Started cycling to work today. The trip there was bad, I didn’t adjust the seat properly and went upload on high gear. The week of walking didn’t help at all since they’re using a different set of muscles.

Cycled to buy a helmet after work and then cycled back to the apartment. I stopped at a kiosk too far from the apartment, forgetting there’s one that’s much nearer, actually I did the same thing when I went to get the helmet. Guess I need to familiarize myself with the locations of the bike kiosks.

User profile on the website is pretty cool, not only does it keep track of the distance and number of trips taken, it estimates the amount of gas you saved with all your trips. Should be fun to track the stats over the months.


  1. How much did you pay for that helmet?

  2. There might be an app to tell you the locations?

    • they have an official web app but there are 3rd party apps as well but I nv subscribe to data plan on my phone :p

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