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Café Olimpico

Most of the team got to present something they worked on to some of the big-ups today. Months of work distilled to a 5 minute or less demonstration. No matter how much work you’ve done beneath the surface and cool systems you’ve put in place, the user can only appreciate what they are see and do at the end of the day. Reminds me of the game development project we did and Yun’s grass.

Spent quite a bit on food today, grabbed fish and chips with salad and ate with the guys on the terrasse on the office roof. It’s like an open grill with no cloud over, whereas Singapore is like a slow over bake. I’ve been here almost a month without encountering poutine other than in the fish and chips place.

After the guys demoed their stuff, we went to grab coffee at the cafe 2 blocks away. It’s funny how this area of Montreal is almost entirely frequented by Ubisoft employees. When my team mate said the sandwich place at Clark’s is kept operating by Ubisoft.

Gonna pack up and move some of my staff to the new place tomorrow. The rest I’d bring along after I check out from Trylon on Sunday.


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