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Disconnect to Reconnect

Went to Videotron after work to sign up for mobile and Internet. Apparently iPhones aren’t compatible with the new standards, HSPA+. Rumours have it the next iteration might support, maybe I’d sign up for the mobile service IF I get the nextg phone. I guess the solution right now would be a pre-paid card. I’d mainly need the line for the apartment intercom, some applications and emergencies.

I ended up signing for the Ultimate Speed Internet 30, since without a 2nd bundled service, the 15Mbps only costs a dollar less. There was a few hiccups because the previous tenant is using Videotron and the system had the account down as still active. After some phone calls, the helpful guy behind the counter finally got it settled. Manage to get first month free (though it’s probably more like 2 weeks) and waive any form of deposit, yay! The bad news is the earliest installation date is 17th August, that’d mean I’d be offline from this Sunday onwards. The whole ordeal took 30mins or more. Felt kinda bad for holding up a queue, they got processed intermittently as the service staff is put on hold on the phone.

Apartment cleaning tomorrow again but I have no change to give tips. Oh dear. I used my coins to buy bread for breakfast. =x

Gotta download whatever I need during my last few days at the Trylon I guess.

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