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Week #3 / Month #1

3 weeks don’t make a month but this is the end of the first month for me here at Montreal. 1 down, 17 months to go.

Did laundry and bought weekly transport pass today. When I came back, I got good news that the apartment I’m waiting for would be available next week, this means I don’t have to extend my stay at Trylon till the end of the month.

The apartment would be furnished but not exactly fully equipped like the room I have now. I guess this means I get to pick what I want to populate the studio with, that ought to be interesting.

Full stats!

Interesting Finding: all the sockets I’ve encountered do not have switches. Power just flows when you plug the appliance in. Fixed lighting are still operated by switches but they flip up to turn on and down to turn off.

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  1. Switches are apparently a Singaporean kiasi concept.

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