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Staycation Day #4

(First title under my belt, hopefully the first of many to come.)

I think some people may have missed the point of a staycation when they ask if I’m going traveling. Even without the hurricane trashing up the east coast, all I wanted is to do “normal people” stuff, like doing a good cleaning of the apartment, or things I can’t usually do, such as shopping along St-Catherine on a weekday morning.

it was a weird warm and slightly damp day. Went to do some errands and got some emergency supplies: bread, jam, canned food, cereal bars, Football Manager 13.

Went to the AC3 launch event/party. Haven’t been taking beers for a few months, preferring cocktails or pure spirits instead. Made up for the numbers tonight with more beers that I should .

I was also introduced to the CEO of the studio by (perpetually) drunk colleague.

I’dll (thanks Gavin) go through the pictures of the event tomorrow and hopefully that would get me started on going through the photos from the summer vacation.


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