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Staycation Day #3

(Bags of candy I found cleaning up the apartment. Probably from the summer visit.)

Didn’t change my alarm despite not needing to get to work.

Instead of trying to upgrade to 5.1.1, I simply jailbroke the phone at 5.0.1 and got f.lux running. It does seem quite a bit redder than on the laptop.

Cleaned the sheets and the apartment by lunch time.

Hurricane Sandy is bringing quite a bit of wind. It is projected to pass by Montreal later this weekend. Hurricane Irene past by on my 7th week in Montreal and Sandy on my 7th last week here. We’re likely to be spared the brunt of the storm and just get lots of wind and precipitation.

Protip:  if you burnt while cooking, vent it out through the windows, not into the corridor because that will trigger the fire alarm. At least it’s not 4 in the morning like the last time.

I have also completed XCOM.

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