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Week #28 / Month #7: It’s Dim Sum Day!

Went to Chinatown for dim sum brunch, the place is called Restaurant La Maison Kam Fung. Invited the Singaporean guys and a couple of colleagues from work, it’s almost like a reunion brunch for the lunar new year. The food was pretty good, except the xiao long bao which was just plain wrong… dry and broth-less. It totaled to $14 per pax including tax which was pretty cheap, I was expecting it to be more expensive.

The festive spirit wasn’t as pronounced compared to back home or back during Christmas but it was still nice to wish the folks happy new year and be greeted in return. The main attraction was a lion dance troop going from door to door performing and blessing each shop that welcomed them. [Photos here!]

I bought 2 caddies (for home and office) as well as a tea pot with a built-in strainer for the office. It’s all part of my new resolution to have more tea instead of coffee or soft drinks. :) The caddies are double-lidded and apparently, that’s the best way to store your tea.

Yes, Liyong, I know I’m fancy.

Tea caddies and tea pot for the office!


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  1. Very fancy tea instruments…

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