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Les 3 Brasseurs

Bleeding cold day. Had 3 half-pints, enough to make me feel the buzz but not enough to keep me warm. My thighs and jaw were numb by the time I got home. That was from just a 10 minutes walk and the worst has yet to come…


  1. You probably need thicker clothes.

  2. Pauline Chen

    do you wear a mask? makes the wind more bearable on the face..

  3. I think I should wear thermal underwear when it’s below -10 until my body acclimatize to the temperate.

    I should have wrapped my scarf around my face eh…?

  4. Pauline Chen

    hmmm just around the jaw. tt time when i was in shaghai about 7 deg, wearing a mask made the cold more bearable especially on the nose and mouth. not sure if that’ll work for u. but cannot use those surgical kind, must use the cloth kind.

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