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Grocery Run

Braced a -17°C day to grab groceries to last me through the holiday break. The guy at my usual Chinese take-out asked if anyone told me I looked like Jet Li. Actually I have been told before but not in a long while though, don’t see how we look alike. It’s probably my toughest grocery run when I came back with 2 big bags of groceries, a box of beer and lunch. My arm was trembling when I tried to eat lunch…

Grabbed a can of milo but neglected to notice it isn’t premixed, the instruction says to stir in hot milk. I guess I gotta figure out the right amount to mix them both. Maybe, I should have gotten the cheaper can of hot chocolate instead.

Merry Christmas to the folks back in Singapore. :)

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  1. Pauline Chen

    Merry Xmas to U!

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