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Week #12 / Month #3 – Here are some Pumpkins

Did laundry and a pair of shorts got torn, had to throw it out.

The weather is getting colder. Good thing I got a jacket a few weeks back. The heater is also activated. It blows warm air in based on the thermostat settings.

My new Logitech F510

I got really fed up with the first gamepad. The analog stick is really wonky and continues to sending input even after its released. Calibrating it doesn’t help. It’s supposedly a cheap gamepad for the 360, so I went out to get the Logitech F510. It’s my first Logitech device, it feels so much better and doesn’t cost much different from the early gamepad. It uses a Playstation-style stick placements but Xbox-style buttons.

This is to show Mom I have brushes and I clean my toilet.
This is to show Isaac I can eat croutons too.


  1. Qing Yu

    Ehh, you didn’t buy all those apples and pumpkins, did you?

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