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Spent the most of yesterday and today fixing a mess-up after a fail sync with the versioning system. Such a pain. At least I know how to get myself out of the same situation in the future.

Had a big lunch group, back to the first restaurant we went when I first joined the office. Wanted to buy a daily special with burger initially but glad I switched to just an omelette because it comes in quite  a big portion with potatoes, garlic baguette and fruits. While the conversation was in mostly French, was able to chat a bit before lunch ended.

A whole lot of people went to the bar opposite the office after work. Wanted to join them but the crowd was insane so grabbed a sandwich for dinner instead. Gotta find some more opportunity to socialize with the team mates in the future but the chat over lunch was good. Haven’t bought beer since I moved out of Trylon, hmm..

Long weekend but weather forecast says it’d rain for all 3 days.. hum… :/

I think I’m putting less effort into thinking about what to write when I write everyday. Maybe I should write less daily and take more time to accumulate my thoughts and write something more substantial now and then.

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    Just take more pics? xD

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