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Had a cup of coffee at Cafe Olimpico with Jack before cycling home. The rides home were always more enjoyable as they’re mainly down slope. I found a rather decent route to work today, might just continue with that.

I found this can drink recently. Retailing at 99c / 1$ for 625ml. So far I’ve seen it in raspberry, lemon and green tea with ginseng and honey flavours.

AriZona green tea

Finally got my entrance light and toilet seat fixed. Apparently the request was skipped over by the janitor previously. One of the new bulbs starts to flicker when it’s left on for too long. Being photosensitive, it gets rather irritating.

Opened the can of pork and beans for dinner. It’s mostly beans, I only found 1 piece of skin portion of meat. The twist can-opener sucks or the can here have thin rims. Anyhow, I’m gonna look for a manual one.

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