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Week #7 / Month #2 – Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene is traveling up the American eastern seaboard. Wind and rain warnings were issued over the weekend in Montreal. Left the window opened last night and it was freezing when I woke up, just wanted to stay in bed. It went below 15 degrees today.

Had to brace the rain and wind when I went shopping for groceries. The wind was so strong, I couldn’t keep the hood on and could literally see the wind move through the grass. Bought some can food and bottled water to standby. Irene has downgrade to a category 1 storm and things should hopefully be alright by tomorrow.

Went to a different supermarket from the usual. It’s nearer to the apartment, bigger and seems to offer a wider selection. Like the other, it offers house brand for most items at a very low price. However, it doesn’t seem to offer as much marinated meats and they’re more expensive. One interesting service they offer is home delivery of the groceries. I haven’t really figured out which is generally cheaper but products offered by both seems to be about the same price. I guess I’d rotate between the both depending on what I need.

Bought the sushi that’s on 50%. It wasn’t really good as it was dry and the salmon was so thin, it’s barely there but sushi is sushi and it’s discounted food so I can’t really complain.

Time really does fly, I’ve been here for almost 2 months and the first submission for the EDB training reports is coming up soon. I originally planned to start on it on Friday but got caught up in other work, looks like I’d have to start on it tomorrow. My supervisor is really cool; when he asked if I’m working on the report during work hours, I was confused for a moment. It turns out that he just wanted to make sure I’m working on it during office hours and not off the clock.

I uploaded the pictures taken during the Mont-Royal hike last week [Gallery].

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  1. That’s very nice of him. The park looks nice. Lots of ravenous squirrels I see…

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