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Chinatown / Old Montreal

The event at Saint-Laurent is called Le Petit Mix’ Arts 2011 and we didn’t go there today after all. Went to buy a monitor stand and keyboard from Staples /Bureau en gros. Instead of heading back, we continue walking to Chinatown which we visited 2 weeks ago. I finally uploaded the pictures [Gallery].

After lunch, we continued walking south following the streets to hit Old Montreal (Vieux-Montréal). It was more of a touristy place and it has red street signs. Didn’t really explore the area but walked along the park and Old Port (still used so “Old” probably just means “older” and not abandoned). Should probably return some day to check out the historical buildings.

Just so it happens that we decided to visit where they’re having a event called “Le Marchê public”, which translates literally to “public market”. It seems to be a history education and bazaar event with almost all the stall operators dressed in period attire from the late 18th century. I’m quite sure there were some in costumes who are just attendees and not part of the organizers. Anyway, it was an eye-opener and I took a bunch of photos which I’d upload soon.

Stomach not been feeling great since I woke up. It feels like a thunderstorm inside and I can even hear the rumbling. It felt better after the century egg porridge at Chinatown but started again after dinner. Wonder if it’s something I ate yesterday…


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