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Took a long breezy walk to work because I didn’t top up my Opus card and would probably walk for the rest of the week. On a plus side, I managed to get my prepaid Visa and gonna try signing up for Bixi.

On a completely different note, I adore the toilets on my level, the seats are functioning and clean and the cubicle door opens outwards. There was once I made the mistaken of using the toilet on level 2 and the seats are dirty and / or wet if they are even there and the cubicle door opens inwards, forcing you to hide in a corner if you wish to exit.

Tried this Chinese food place some time back. From the outside, you would never have guessed it serves Chinese if you haven’t looked at its menu. It has a very western setting as well with a bar and serves cold water in wine glasses. Even the food plating looks a little western. Meals come with a soup (dumping or spicy and sour) and spring roll. That’s me having fried lemon chicken with rice.

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