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Week #6

Just done with weekly chores. Bought one of those paper / cloth cleaning mops from the dollar shop. Instead of the wet tissue wipes we have back home, this is dry and attracts dust and hair by static. Been having these blue dust balls for a while. Wonder whether they’re from the bed sheets or the throw from mom, those are pretty much the only blue things in the apartment.

Went to Six Flags La Ronde last Saturday with colleagues [Gallery]. There were staff tickets offered that allowed entry 2 hours before the usual opening time and it came bundled with breakfast. There’s an option to purchase lunch as well. Registration was already closed by the time I joined the office but fortunately my teammate had a set of spare tickets, originally meant for a friend who backed out. I can’t say I’m an amusement ride person or even a thrill-seeker but I sat the most roller-coasters in my entire day on that day.

Some of the ones I took:

Goliath: very tall, many weightlessness moments; made my legs jelly.

Ednor: featured above as well. Long queue, super short ride. I can’t tell if I’m hungry or feeling sick after the ride.

Lait au Chocolat: what’s messed up about this ride is once we reach the end of the track, we go back the entire ride in reverse.

The first dip after reaching the peak often feels like a punch in a gut, I feel the air so knocked out of me, I can’t even scream. There is something about the whole helplessness of the situation, giving in and literally going on for the ride that drives me to the border of fearing for my life and feeling truly alive.

Interesting observation: something I’ve taken for granted back in Singapore are elevator indicators. They are not always the case here and you’re left standing there, wondering where exactly the elevator car is and how long you have to wait.


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