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Last Night a Trylon

Jack helped me move most of the stuff to the new place at Durocher. Gonna be staying at Trylon one last night. Last opportunity to download whatever I need as well. After tomorrow, I’d be offline till Videotron comes install the cable modem on 17th.

New place at Sherbrooke / Durocher

The new place looks great after it’s cleaned up. Fridge, stove, oven, microwave in the kitchen. Big wardrobe by the door. Toilet has sink with mirror/medicine cabinet and a bathtub. Also comes with dining table + chairs, a couch, chest of drawers, a shelf by the bed, a work table + chair. Last but not least, the new bed with frame by the window. Some of the lights are not working, gotta let the building manager know.

Gonna go to Walmart with Jack tomorrow. I think I need to grab sheets and a pillow, some pots and pans, eating utensils and mops + rags perhaps. Ah yes, hangers too.

If I knew I could bring 2 pieces of luggage, I would have brought my pillow from home.

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