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Fish and other New Foods

I set aside a dollar coin to buy washing powder earlier this week. Somehow I forgot about it and thought I’d need to get some change before I can do laundry. Guess I’d just do laundry tomorrow.

Groceries, trying the fish, chocolate milk and chicken salad spread for first time

Mom keeps telling me to get fish and calcium. So I bought 2 different kinds of marinated fish today while shopping for groceries. I also got chocolate milk. Been eating ham of various kinds for 3 weeks, decided to try chicken salad spread instead.

Thai marinate trout!

I went on to the apartment balcony for the first time today. I wanted to air and sun the wash cloth which had developed a funky smell. It was then I realize it’s colder outside than in the room despite the air-conditioning. I guess it’s not much as cooling the room as circulating the air. I brought the cloth in when the weather was sunnier and it was moved from its original location by the breeze. It smelt okay when I brought it in but went back to its bad smell once it got wet. Ah well.

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