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Tying Things Down

I drank a can of V8 the other day. It was quite bad. Basically it’s juice of vegetables, beets, celery, carrots among others, in tomato paste. I think I’d just stick to fruit juice.

I also learnt that I can’t keep fruits too long in the fridge.

BRRIING~! 3-in-a-row

Walked to the bank during lunch thinking I would be able to draw a lump sum from the ATM using my Singapore ATM card via the Plus system and deposit straight away into the local account. Found out the maximum cash dispensed by the ATM is $400. Guess the only viable solution is by wire.

After some thought, I’m not taking up the 550$/month apartment. It’s really tiny. Looking to reserve the 700$/month apartment that’s furnished and all inclusive sans Internet. Seems like I need to extend my stay at the Trylon.

Got assigned a whole truckload of tasks of varying priority. The last thing I heard before I got them was they’re going to look for something more “substantial” for me to work on. Stayed on a little later today to wrap something up and it seems the bus is more crowded.

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