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Week #2

Didn’t do much today. After Skyping, I watched Craig Ferguson. Apparently, he’s going to be doing a couple of shows here at Montreal. Wonder if I should go catch them. It’s really near as well at Place des Arts.

Played several sessions of Company of Heroes with Weiquan. Yea, play multiplayer even before starting the campaign. If Call of Duty players do that, why can’t I.

Melon in a box

Jack found a place online that’s 550$/month all inclusive and furnished. It’s also 15 minutes walk from office. Probably gonna check it out soon. The others will have to follow up by phone on Tuesday since I’m viewing a set of apartments tomorrow after work.

Interesting Finding: the toilet bowls here seem to be very low, at least those that I’ve used. If they are short for me, I’d imagine them to be very short for the locals. Some say having your knees above your hips help bowel movement. I guess there’s some sense in making low bowls.

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  1. Weiquan

    You know… I found that thing about the bowls to be true in the US as well. Weird!

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