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Jack Joins Us In Montreal

Even he suffered from flight delay. Only arrived at 3 in the morning.

Other than the usual Saturday routine (laundry, grocery shopping, buying weekly transport pass), we went for a few apartment viewings and walked about 2-3 blocks around our temporary apartment.

Sent the travel insurance documents back home

United didn’t reply me with the baggage receipt inquiry but I sent back the travel documents. Hopefully can claim something for the inconvenience and distress! I found it amusing they have Chinese zodiac stamps.

Saw this sign and the garden next to it

The apartments we viewed today were okay-ish. One isn’t furnished at all, with a tenant who’s willing to sell her furniture but she only moves out at September. The other is barely furnished. Another viewing arranged for Monday and there’s a bunch we found today that I need to check up and arrange for viewings if suitable.

Cooker dinner. Used spaghetti this time. Mixed the old batch of sauce with new mushrooms, canned sausage and parmesan cheese tomato-based sauce. Cooked a marinated chicken steak in the oven, can’t remember the marinate. Completed with coleslaw. ;p

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