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Day of My First Check-In

Bumped into one of the new hires and his friend at the Trylon lobby. We met during the HR tour / briefing. Walked with them to office and he bought donuts for each of us. It’s a nice way to start a morning, chatting and enjoying the cool weather, before it heats up later in the day.

Today’s apartment refreshing and I left a little note saying “Merci!” with 4 bucks tips. Got home and was greeted by a reply with a smiley face! It translate to “It’s a pleasure“. Of course there’s the new towels, changed sheets, cleaned bathroom and vacuumed floor. I think they scrubbed my kitchenette’s sink as well.

I checked in my first bit of code today! My team mates fixed some of their issues as well so we went to Pucapuca for a leisurely sit-down lunch. I’ve had 4 sandwiches the entire week, so this is a nice change. Isaac complained I didn’t put up enough pictures of food so here they are:

PUCAPUCA! (Click to Embiggen!)

So for 8$, we get a soup, mains, dessert and a drink each. Today’s tomato soup with assorted vegetables, I selected the pan-grilled tilapia and the coconut cake. Tipped the nice uncle 2$ just like last time. 10$ for a meal like this is still an excellent deal!

Got back to the office and actually managed to complete my 2nd task in the afternoon. Gonna get it reviewed and tested next week. :)

All in all, it was a great day. :)

Jack is due  to arrive tonight if there’re no problem with his flights. I got to my attention recently that Weiquan thought I’ve been referring to Jack all these while!! So no, Jack is only due to arrive today. ;)

Weekend is gonna be Skyping, laundry, buying groceries, weekly transport pass, apartments viewing, exploring.

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