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Wearing a BioWare T-shirt to Work at Ubisoft

Made a mistaken of wearing jeans to work today. Look at how hot it is! It’s very windy too.

Brain-melting weather

Finished my first task, had it reviewed and it’s being tested by the reporter and hopefully would be able to submit tomorrow.

Wrote to United to request for baggage receipt acknowledge document.

Arranged for another apartment viewing this Saturday. It’s 725$/month fully furnished, all inclusive with elevators. Really near where I am right now. If it has Internet, it would be almost perfect. Another set of apartments to view next Monday evening, it’s a couple of blocks away from Trylon and is from 590$ to 730$/month. Really near Parc du Mont-Royal too.

Trylon left a letter saying they’d be having an apartment cleaning tomorrow that includes changing of sheets, towels and cleaning the floor. That’s nice, especially since I’m almost ready to bring their towels to the laundry. Just gotta pack my luggage and get it into the wardrobe and lock my laptop in my bag.

I think I’ve been pretty productive at work so far. Hopefully this will pleasantly surprise him when he returns from his vacation. Haha!

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