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Busy Day

Check out the amazing graffiti. There’s graffiti almost everywhere but sometimes you see cool stuff like this.

Just had dinner, reheat the pasta with the sauce. The sauce was alright but the mee sua became lumpy after chilling. All the more reason to buy the right pasta next time. I still have half a pot and half a packet of uncooked mee sua. :(

Grabbed a sandwich during lunch and went to the post office to buy postage and then to the bank to get some cheques. There was an entire row of houses with really nice gardens on my way to the post office but my hands were occupied with the sandwich so I didn’t get any pictures.

The place team-mates and I go to grab a sandwich for lunch.

Went to view an apartment after work, seems like a nice place and very attractive at 620$/month, all inclusive. Since it’s my first viewing, I don’t want to make a rash decision. Hopefully it’d still be available if I can’t find any suitable ones. The owner already took down the ad and he has 3 viewings tomorrow morning.

Work is going more slowly than I liked but it’s always tough figuring out a new framework and system. Hopefully I can clean things up soon and have my first commit by end of week. ;)


  1. Did you add some oil to the water when boiling the pasta? They are not supposed to lump together leh…

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