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And So It Begins

I started off to work myself. Started to feel a little bad for not arranging to go to work together with him, he might still be sleeping for all I know. Lo and behold, he was already in office when I arrived.

Went for a very long HR tour and brief. We weren’t supposed to get an employee card since we’re not contracted to Ubisoft Montreal but I dropped our HR in-charge a message and she managed to arrange for us to make our cards next week. That’s nice because we can then get some retail benefits among other stuff.

Got assigned some tasks. Nice to get the chance to get my hands dirty and try out some stuff on my 2nd week. Hopefully this means I’m picking up fast and not being just throw into trial by fire.

At 4.30pm, he packed up and went home without waiting for me. I guess that’s how the arrangement gonna be like from now on.

Ah yes, I followed Liyong’s advice and cooked a pot of pasta and sauce during dinner. Put the leftovers separately into the fridge so I can just reheat whenever I want. Bought the wrong pasta, it’s a little like mee sua… Guess gotta take note next time.

Pork sausage with corn and mushroom, tomato sauce on mee sua


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  1. Something tells me this guy isn’t simple and might just start playing politics.

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