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Today is Laundry Day

Didn’t get off to a great start; it was pretty bad in fact. The other guy apparently did his car research till 4am and woke up at almost 10. He then proceeded to wash up and start to figure out how to how to get to his car dealership. During this period of time, I actually managed to shower and finish a session of game of Sanctum with 20 waves. When I went down to look for him, he was still struggling to figure how the direction. He refused my help and told me I could just go about doing my own stuff if I want. At this point I got really pissed and reminded him of the plan to explore together, I had even offered to accompany him to look for his car. He went to lament that he only got to sleep a few hours and that I can’t be selfish by wanting to do things together. At this point I swore at him, went back to my room and proceed to do laundry; and I made a decision not to live with him for 17 months.

Laundry was easy enough. I didn’t realized there was already 5 bucks deposited in the smart card. Chatted with Jo and read a book while waiting for the laundry to be done.

Geox sandals at 50% off!

Took a bus to Complexe Desjardins, one of the bigger shopping malls. It’s nowhere as big as the malls we have in Singapore to be clear. Walked past what seems to be a Just for Laughs event setting up. Walked around and bought a pair of sandals. It seems they’re having summer sale now. Stopped by the metro station to top up my transport card for next week.

Went back to the apartment to bring my recyclables to the supermarket. Was trying to put the glass bottles into the machine and got scolded. Recycling in Montreal is serious business.

Shopped for groceries for next week and bumped into the other trainee. Small world.

This is my stocked up refrigerator, freezer and cabinet


  1. wow, some people just have low EQ…

  2. If only Geox have 50% sales in SG…

    • feels real comfortable. gotta wear more to see how..

      unlike most sandals, this pair actually has a heel strap for support. the whole ankle is really held snugly.

  3. Wah. Why is there beer in your fridge?
    I would have daoed him long ago if it happened to me.

  4. bell

    lol nice. montreal sounds pretty cool so far. take care and yeah, that dude sucks.

  5. Jie

    Your photos are artistic…

  6. Qing Yu

    I see loads of microwavable food in your fridge, you don’t intend to cook “proper” meals? =X

    • haiz, you don’t say. There’s a pack of spaghetti with sausages, mushrooms and corn somewhere in the fridge but that’s about it.I eat well enough for lunch when I’m working so it’s not that bad if I got home to light frozen dinners.

      I offered to cook and share food with the guy but he says he needs to train and will be eating 6 small meals at irregular times each day. He also thinks frozen microwavable dinners are “good stuff”.

      Besides, I’m just at a temporary apartment. Once the other guy comes, we’d see la… even if he doesn’t want to share, I’d come up with a way to cook in balk, refrigerate it and microwave it to eat.

      PS: he hasn’t started training yet

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