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The Day I Bump my Knee

Some things never change, the knee is still the organ most used for finding furniture in the house. Bumped the bed as I got back home, think I’d have a sore to show for tomorrow.

Finally got around to looking at some of the work I might be involved in but I’ve not really started doing anything yet. We came in midweek, so we’d only get to do the customary HR tour and procedures next Monday.

Today is also the day before my supervisor leaves on a month-long vacation. Yea, I lose my supervisor after 3 days into work. Seems like a good time for a vacation since next summer would be a busy period for the project. Something to note for people who are thinking of visiting.

So, I mentioned how I jumped up from bed one day thinking I overslept. The above numbers describing the phenomenon I’m experiencing. You’d realize the just need to sleep when it’s dark to nicely fulfill your daily sleep requirements. Oh, it’s a full moon tonight.

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