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Nice Morning Walk

The bus was crowded so we decided to walk to work. It took longer than expected at 45 minutes but it was a cool day and we hardly perspire.

Had our my first team meeting and met the other guys. It’s a mostly young team.

Pork Loin with Rice, Peas and Veg

Two of my team mates brought me to this nice restaurant for lunch. For 8 bucks, each of us got a macaroni soup, mains, a drink and dessert. I was so stuffed, I didn’t finish the rice or pick up the dessert. Really good value and the owner was nice, so I gave him $2 tips.


  1. Jie

    This meal looks nice!

    • it’s really nice!

      for 8 bucks, we got a 3 course meal with drinks! the mains are somewhat random, the owner comes to you and offer you a few selection, basically it’s what he’s already cooked back in the kitchen.

      when we went, both of us wanted sausages but only 1 of us could have it, it’s like dailies specials!

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